Young people in Saigon like to ride bicycles after the distance

The number of car rental customers increased suddenly, 3-4 times higher than before the epidemic, causing many shops and bike clubs in Saigon to import more cars to meet demand.

Last Saturday afternoon in November, My Hanh from Thu Duc and Hong Tham in District 5 met at a bike club on Tran Nhat Duat Street, District 1. Two 23-year-old girls have come here to rent for three weeks in a row. The car was parked but could not be scheduled due to crowded guests.

Today, Hanh and Tham are luckier. The first time touching the sports bike, the two were quite confused until he was in charge of the accelerated training club.

And Lan Anh, 28 years old, and two friends in District 1 do not need a manual because they were able to rent a used car a few weeks ago. From October 1 until now, every weekend the three girls meet to ride bicycles instead of eating and drinking like before the epidemic.

Unlike many people who often go in groups, Tran Uyen, 21 years old, in Binh Thanh rented a bicycle to ride alone. For nearly two months, Uyen can’t remember how many times she rented a car because she goes almost every day.

After social distancing, renting a bicycle to walk around the streets, exercising and exercising is becoming a trend supported by Saigon’s youth. Not stopping at “go once and tell”, many people decide to stick with this subject for a long time instead of indoor gymnastics.

At clubs, bicycle rental shops, the number of customers spiked, many places did not have enough cars to serve.

Mr. Thang instructs how to use the car properly and equips a phone bag on Hanh and Tham’s car. Photo: Diep Phan.

“On weekends, an average of 70 customers book a car rental a day, 40 of the available ones are not enough, so we just imported 7 more,” said Huynh Quyet Thang, owner of the bicycle club on the internet. Tran Nhat Duat said. He was also surprised when many new friends came to this subject after the gap.

Before the epidemic, Mr. Thang’s club gathered members over 30 years old who loved cycling. Previously, 40 bikes were only used to serve the group and organize trips to the suburbs. After social distancing, he expanded car rental freely when he saw many young people like My Hanh and Hong Tham coming to ask, even though he had never tried it before.

A car fire at the weekend also occurred at a bicycle rental and sale shop in Co Giang ward, district 1. Mr. Tran Huu Van, the shop owner, said he had never seen customers rushing to rent a car as much as in the past. hey, the shop’s 40 cars barely get a day off. “At first, they only pedaled in the center, now there is a bike trip every week to go further, to the outskirts of the city,” said Mr. Van.

An employee on the fanpage of a car rental shop in District 3 said that the number of customers has exceeded the capacity of the shop. “Four times more than before the epidemic. The message system to book a car rental appointment is always overloaded”, this person said.

Lan Anh's group (left cover) is about to leave for Thu Duc city on the afternoon of November 6.  Photo: Diep Phan

Lan Anh (left cover) and two friends are about to leave for Thu Duc city, on the afternoon of November 6. Photo: Diep Phan

The car rental shop owners found that the majority of customers are young people under 30 years old, in which female accounts for a much higher percentage.

Many young people who rent cars to experience said that they only cycle in the city center, take pictures, drink milk tea for about 3-6 hours with the rental price from 50,000 VND to 120,000 VND. Guests do not need to deposit, just leave a citizen ID. A note for customers to be able to order a car suitable for their height and body shape at the right time is to notify the shop one day in advance. The stores all have the same incentives such as free motorbike parking, helmets, phone bags…

There are many reasons for young people to come to cycling after social distancing.

My Hanh said that the few months of the epidemic, just staying at home made her feel tied up. Instead of going to the gym like before, she wants to go out to exercise and breathe in the fresh air. “Biking is both relaxing and light exercise. Jogging is also a way, but it will make me tired quickly”, Hanh explained.

Lan Anh’s group of friends shared: “After many days at home and often stressed by information about the epidemic, we miss the sound of crowded traffic in Saigon. Cycling is a way to see and feel the joy. revitalizing the city”.

Tran Uyen is too stressed by many hours glued to the computer to study online, so at the end of the day, Uyen just wants to be on the street right away. “While meeting friends and going to cafes and restaurants is also risky because of the potential risk of disease, cycling alone helps to relax the mind while ensuring safety,” Uyen said.

From 16:00 to 18:00, on the afternoon of November 6, employees work continuously because for every group that departs, a new group comes to rent a car.  Photo: Diep Phan

From 16:00 to 18:00, on the afternoon of November 6, employees work continuously because for every group that departs, a new group comes to rent a car. Photo: Diep Phan

Is cycling after the distance a kind of “soon to bloom” style?

With a sudden increase in the number of visitors, Mr. Thang considers cycling as a new sport trend after the distance and will continue. “About 30% of regular customers return after the first experience,” he said.

Mr. Van’s shop has more than half of the customers who have returned to rent a car. They even invited more friends to join. Many people even offered to buy a car assembled by him for daily practice because of the many health benefits of this subject. The car rental shop in District 3 recorded that in the past two weeks, customers not only focused on the weekend but also had a full schedule every day.

Although just starting to get acquainted with bicycles for more than a month, Lan Anh’s group feels “addicted”. All three have been eagerly booking since the beginning of the week to keep the desired bike for today’s bike ride. They discuss and stick with this sport longer because in addition to relaxing, cycling also exercises health.

And final year student Tran Uyen has considered buying a bicycle to participate in cycling trips to the suburbs with Mr. Thang’s club.

Two friends, My Hanh and Hong Tham, after returning from their first trip, said they would continue to rent a car next week.

“We feel sorry we didn’t try cycling sooner,” said My Hanh.

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