Why you should shy away from real estate after 70

As we age, the patrimonial objectives are clear: to protect oneself, to protect those close to them and then to pass on without hassle. But the realization of this project depends on the lifespan and end-of-life conditions which are by definition unpredictable.

Faced with this uncertainty, only one option: to have liquidity. Retirees must change the composition of their assets before age 70, shedding real estate as much as possible to move towards life insurance. This is the only way to meet the needs that aging will impose.

Serenity, a priority in the management of its heritage

When we get older, the result of the match between a rental property investment and an investment in life insurance is final. Real estate leads to management concerns, significant taxation of property income, joint ownership with the surviving spouse at the time of the first death, potential family conflicts between the children, etc.

For its part, savings held in pre-life insurance

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