Why we must get rid of real estate and move towards life insurance at retirement age

What wealth strategy to adopt at retirement age? A priori, the objectives of this age are clear: first to protect oneself, then, secondly, to pass on one’s heritage under the best possible conditions. But there is one unknown: the lifespan. It is necessarily complicated to meet a need that is not defined over time and to take into account a desired longevity, but perhaps also feared …

To approach old age with serenity, it is advisable to change the composition of its assets before the age of 70, by shedding real estate as much as possible in order to move towards life insurance. With age coming, the result of the match between these two placements is indeed final.

Real estate suffers from several handicaps: difficulties in rental management, aging of property preventing it from benefiting from market appreciation, significant taxation of property income, payment of the CSG … And after the death of a spouse, it can lead to conflicts in joint possession

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