Why should you not hang a mirror opposite the bed?

The color and furniture in the bedroom directly affect your sleep, from choosing the right paint color to the placement of the bed or where to hang the mirror.

Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, GP at OnlinePrescriptionDoctor (UK) explains: “Some people think that worrying about having a mirror opposite the bed is superstitious or silly. In fact, there is a lot of psychological evidence. Research shows that mirror position can affect your sleep.

Dr. Giuseppe explains, placing a mirror facing the bed gives the impression that you are being watched. Even when the lights are off, this feeling persists. Feelings of insecurity vary from person to person, but if you are someone who is prone to panic attacks, has trouble sleeping or wakes up easily at night, it is best to avoid hanging a mirror opposite the bed.

Sleep expert Ryan Thaker backs up Dr. Giuseppe’s theory. Meanwhile, many feng shui experts believe that the mirror hanging opposite the bed is the doubling and imbalance of energy in the room, thus disrupting your mental tranquility. This directly affects a good night’s sleep.

Where should you hang the mirror in the bedroom?

Dr. Ryan recommends placing a mirror opposite a window to reflect your vision. This, he argues, provides more positive energy. In addition, this trick will highlight the light in the room and help you sleep better.

Thuy Linh (According to Homesandgardens)


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