Why Macron will not back down on his unemployment insurance reform

It is an emblematic reform of the five-year term, a reform to which Emmanuel Macron is very keen. And yet remains in limbo, stopped short a few days before its entry into force on 1er July. Decidedly, on the issue of unemployment insurance, the government has accumulated disappointments. For the first time, its plan to tighten the conditions for compensating the unemployed was ” paused ”By the health crisis. Then he was disowned twice by the Council of State, both on the calculation of the compensation and on the schedule: according to the judge, the economic context is still ” too uncertain For such a reform. ” The government copy was not very clean », Comments a senior official who wonders if the reform is not too ambitious. He draws a parallel with the other major systemic reform of the five-year term, pensions:

We want to put the big gear. Result, nothing happens …

The comparison stops there because, on unemployment insurance, the executive has no intention of procrastinating. Quite the contrary: ” We will look for the best way for a rapid implementation of the reform », Announced the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, on June 2 on RTL. Why persist, when it would be so simple to invoke the consequences of the health crisis to postpone the subject to the next five-year term? The unions would not ask for better: the reform ” will strike people who are already vulnerable, who are among

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