Who is watching your DP secretly on WhatsApp, know immediately with this trick

Nowadays, just as the smartphone has become an important part of our life, in the same way WhatsApp has become a must-have app for the people. If someone wants to send a message, make a call or make a video call, we use WhatsApp for everything. Not only this, many people are also doing their business only through WhatsApp. In such a situation, we are able to stay connected with family, friends and office people only through WhatsApp. But there are many times when we get into a fight with someone or something. Many friends and family people stop talking to us. Although they keep checking your WhatsApp photos i.e. DP secretly. However, you may not be able to find it. Today we are telling you such a trick, by which you will be able to know who is watching your WhatsApp profile photo. Let’s know

If you want to find out who is watching your WhatsApp DP, then for this you will have to download a third party app. For this, first you have to go to Google Play Store and download an app named WhatsApp- Who Viewed Me or Whats Tracker. Along with downloading this app, you also have to download 1mobile market. Without this, the WhatsApp- Who Viewed Me app will not be downloaded, although we cannot tell about how safe this app is for your phone. You can download this app at your own risk.

Name will be found in the list

Now you have to wait a little after installing the WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me app in the phone, now this app will remove the list of people who see your WhatsApp profile photo, but do not let you know. Now in this app you will get the mobile numbers and names of those friends who keep looking at your profile photo. In this list, you will get the names of only those people who have seen your profile photo in 24 hours. In this app you will get the category, in which you will see the WhatsApp contact list in Contact. In the second Visited, the list of people whose profile photo you have seen will be listed.


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