When to go, when to stand – FußGAGA traffic light!

Nuremberg – That thing isn’t a pedestrian traffic light, it’s a pedestrian GAGA traffic light! In any case, the worm is in the system on Nürnberger Landgrabenstrasse.

When BILD reader reporter David Gluth (47) walked past the traffic lights with his wife on their daily walk, they somehow seemed strange to him.

Because the walking man glowed red that day, the standing man green.

“We were first confused, then amused,” says Gluth.

A spokesman for the police to BILD: “When we heard about it, we immediately examined the case. At this point, however, the officials could no longer detect any reversed traffic light figures. “

Siemens technicians had solved the problem shortly before. A spokeswoman: “The traffic light was recently replaced. A wrong symbol was accidentally built into the green signal. The error has already been noticed and rectified immediately. “

The legal side is clear, according to the lawyer Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke:

“Even if the males have been swapped, it still means to go green and stand at red.”


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