Wedding posse: marriage ban for Bautzens OB

From: C. Lord

Bautzen – A NO to YES causes trouble in Bautzen!

Lord Mayor Alexander Ahrens (55, SPD) meant well and wanted to relieve the employees in the city registry office. That’s why he took a special course to officially marry couples. But his new special task did not suit some politicians at all. Therefore, the city council now forbade Ahrens to marry.

The town hall boss angrily: “The city councils had not registered any concerns either in the council of elders or in any other way beforehand. I would have helped out in the registry office on Friday and Saturday, and would not have written down any overtime. But they said I had more important things to do. Instead of continuing education to get married, I should take care of the structural change – said a CDU city councilor. I thought that was a very bad style! “

Because of this, the mayor now contradicted the city council resolution and ordered a special meeting on this subject for November 10th. “It wasn’t about the content of the resolution, just how I should do my job. And according to the municipal code, the city council does not have to make a decision on that, ”Ahrens explains to BILD.

Therefore, the mayor does not want to give in so easily and fights for his “marriage certificate”: “If the council rejects again, the highest legal supervisory authority has to decide …”


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