Wear prom dress to take out the trash

BrotherNicola Matthews, 49, brings beauty to her neighborhood by wearing a prom dress that dumped the trash during a pandemic, and even raising funds for charity.

The Essex makeup artist has maintained this job for four months with the desire to clear the gloom over Covid-19.

The first time she went to dump garbage in a sparkling outfit, she was caught by the neighbors. This person enjoys taking pictures of her. So every Wednesday, Matthews carefully chooses his outfit from a wardrobe of 25 coats and 31 pairs of shoes to take out the trash. Female artist will pose in the trash Then, Christine and Gary – neighbors take pictures for her.

Matthews also used accessories as gloves, posing for neighbors to take pictures. Image: SWNS.

She has been greatly supported by neighbors, relatives and friends. Matthews’s uncle sends gloves from America, mom gives red scarves and neighbors give red roses to match with shoes. Matthews also wore a petticoat designed by his late grandmother, who was a professional tailor.

“The pandemic caused less demand for evening gowns. It’s lovely that people cheer up during this time and wear dresses when going out,” she said.

She pushed the garbage cart on foot to not only entertain her neighbors, but also raise funds.  Photo: SWNS.

She pushed the garbage cart on foot to not only entertain her neighbors, but also raise funds. Image: SWNS.

Not only amusing the neighbors, for 20 weeks, by doing this creation, she raised charity.

In May, Matthews wore a sparkling dress and high heels, pushing the 5.6 km walking trash bin called for an increase in wages for local rescue station staff. “That is my most important purpose,” she said, saying she was surprised when she raised $ 875. Neighbors came to clap and cheer her on.

Even though he was hiking in high heels that day, his feet were swollen, Matthews prides himself on being able to raise funds, making a lasting impact.

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