Was it an attack? – The rappers’ garage of “187 street gang” burned down

Berlin – Huge holes in the ceiling, charred car wrecks, rubble everywhere – in Lichtenberg the garage of Germany’s most famous hip-hop group “187 Straßenbande” burned down on Friday evening. The cause of the fire is still unclear, no one was injured.

As a fire brigade spokesman confirmed, the rescuers were called to Hönower Weg at around 6:52 p.m. The fire could be “kept small” with 18 rescue workers, but there wasn’t much left to save in the garage.

Rapper Bonez MC (35, real name John Moser) published photos of the scene of the fire on Instagram on Saturday. “Whole garage explodes!”, He writes, “Thank God no one was hurt” and “Thank you for your sympathy”.

You can see the charred wreckage of several cars, including a Mercedes CL 500 and a Honda Civic. Both cars appeared in the band’s most famous videos and were viewed millions of times on YouTube.

The flames also destroyed large parts of the warehouse in Hönower Weg in Berlin’s Lichtenberg districtPhoto: bonez187erz / Instagram

In a comment on Instagram, Bonez replied to a user’s question what happened with: “Attack”. The fire department spokesman was unable to provide any information.

A police fire department has started an investigation into the cause.

Rapper Bonez MC mourned the fan cars that were parked in the garage on Instagram

Rapper Bonez MC mourned the fan cars that were parked in the garage on InstagramPhoto: imago images / Future Image


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