Volleyball long legs 1m97 beautiful heart at the Olympics, missed the handsome boy 2m11

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The 1m94 tall female player used to have a beautiful relationship with the 2m11 athlete, but the couple is no longer together.

After the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Zehra Gunes is one of the female athletes who are most interested in by fans. The 22-year-old girl, whose height is up to 1m97, receives the attention of thousands of fans. Her Instagram page has reached 1.2 million followers, many viewers even proposed to the nearly 2m tall female beater.

"Long legs"  Volleyball 1m97 beautiful

The beautiful couple broke up, causing many people to regret

Walking through Gunes’s Instagram page, many people “fall in love” with the 22-year-old girl, sad to know that she has a lover, Gunes’s campmate is a handsome basketball player Berke Atar, he is 2m11 tall and the same age as Gunes. .

But information in the Turkish press showed that it was just an old love, the couple used to be passionate but now they have broken up. When they were still in love, the couple often posted pictures of the couple on their personal pages, but now that’s a thing of the past. They send each other great love but then parted quietly.

The audience of Gunes regrets that the love between “talented boys and girls” has an incomplete ending, but many boys are happy because it is an opportunity for them to capture the “heart” of the beautiful beater. .

Actually, not everyone dares to “propose” to Gunes because she is 1m97 tall, only guys 1m9 or more than 2m tall are confident enough to stand next to her.

Returning from the Olympics with a bronze medal with Turkish women’s volleyball, Gunes now regularly posts personal photos. The number of followers of long-legged volleyball 1m98 is still increasing.

* Some pictures of Gunes and lost love:

"Long legs"  Volleyball 1m97 beautiful

"Long legs"  Volleyball 1m97 beautiful

"Long legs"  Volleyball 1m97 beautiful

"Long legs"  volleyball 1m97 beautiful

"Long legs"  Volleyball 1m97 beautiful

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/34chan-dai34-bong-chuyen-1m97-dep-lim-tim-o-olympic-lo-tinh-tr…

(Sports news, Tokyo Olympic news) Volleyball “long legs” with more than 1 million Instagram followers received a marriage proposal…


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