Very rare mishap: woman ran out of her head after a corona test

Osnabrück – Don’t worry: having a car accident or winning the lottery is much more likely than THAT!

A woman from the Osnabrück district suddenly ran out of her nose after a nasal swab. As the “NOZ” reports, the woman suffered an injury to the inside of the skull during a corona test in January.

Millions of tests are carried out every day in Germany. But something like this almost NEVER happens!

► The person concerned had had cold symptoms tested by a resident doctor for corona. Shortly afterwards, she developed a nosebleed.

And then that: For weeks after the rapid test, a clear liquid ran out of the woman’s head.

She was in pain too. At the beginning of March an injury to the base of the skull was diagnosed in a clinic. Apparently caused by incorrect use of the swab!

The clear liquid was brain water!

► In a 90-minute operation, the hole inside the head was finally closed in April. Professor Dr. Konrad Sommer, chief physician at the clinic for ear, nose and throat medicine at Marienhospital Osnabrück, said that the incident was an “absolute rarity”.

The woman is now repeatedly medically examined in order to rule out possible consequential damage. She remains brave and said the “NOZ”: “It just happened, I have to go through it now.”


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