Verdict in Schweinfurt: jail for football coaches for child abuse

Schweinfurt – For two years, youth coach Niklas H. (21) abused and tortured 25 players between the ages of eleven and 15 at 1. FC Eintracht Poppenlauer – now he has to go to prison for nine years and nine months for sexual abuse, rape and bodily harm.

Judge Angelika Drescher ruled on Monday at the Schweinfurt regional court that he had committed a massive breach of trust in the children and their parents. The future educator Niklas H. threatened the young players with the Russian child porn mafia, blackmailed them with nude photos and tortured them naked in front of the camera with barbecue tongs, leather belts or cutting board.

“He created massive fear in the children that they could become victims of kidnapping or rape by the Russian mafia,” said co-prosecutor Jürgen Scholl (55) on Monday to BILD.

Only his confession speaks in his favor, by which he spared the victims a testimony in court. “Most of them still suffer from the consequences of the deeds today,” said Scholl. There was never an offer to make amends, just a tight-lipped “I’m sorry” in the last word.

“With the prison sentence according to juvenile criminal law, the court has clearly reached,” said the accessory prosecution representative. However, the parents would have liked preventive detention and a professional ban as educators. The court did not agree with this.


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