USA: Man from Texas (36) suddenly forgets 20 years of his life

Waking up completely baffled, everyone knows that. But this man from Texas (USA) fared particularly badly: he forgot the last 20 years of his life while sleeping.

Daniel Porter (36) woke up in shock next to his wife Ruth (37) in July 2020. He believed he was drunk with another woman or had been kidnapped!

The bitter: He neither knew where he was nor who was lying next to him.

Porter could still remember his parents. But that he had met and married a woman – just gone! According to the, the family man even knew about his daughter Libby (10) “Sun” no longer. All the persuasion of his wife did not help.

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The memory of their daughter Libby (10) was also erasedPhoto: Mercury Press & Media

The Texan was firmly convinced that he was living in the 1990s. His brain had catapulted him back 20 years in his life. He believed he was 16 years old.

His wife Ruth: “Luckily we were at his parents’ farm so they could confirm that I was his wife. He believed them, but he had no idea he had a daughter and he was afraid of our dogs. ”

Her husband even wanted to get ready for school. “He was angry when he looked at himself in the mirror. He asked why he was old and fat, ”said his wife.

Memory loss has persisted for 14 months

His family took him to the hospital. There it turned out: The father of the family suffered a sudden, temporary interruption of the short-term memory (“transient global amnesia”).

The strange thing is that the doctors told the family that Porter would regain his memory within 24 hours – that’s the usual way of making a diagnosis. But that didn’t happen!

He has now been living with the problem for 14 months. His wife tried to bring back memories by driving around his old neighborhood and reuniting with friends. Vain!

Another problem: “He hid Libby’s birthday presents for a week from his amnesia. When it was her birthday we couldn’t find her because he couldn’t remember where he put her, ”said his wife.

The family didn’t find the gift until four months later. But by then she had already outgrown the shoes Libby was supposed to get.

Curious: his taste in food has also changed as a result of the amnesia, says his wife. And: he even fell in love with her all over again!

“We’re in a new relationship with him, which is really weird. For me, too, he is partly like a new man. He is friendlier and funnier than before and suddenly wants to go out and meet people. He’s never done that before, ”says Ruth.

What is the cause of the incident?

Potentially great emotional stress!

The year before the memory loss was particularly stressful for the family. First Porter lost his job, had to sell the house they shared and move back to his parents.

Then he also injured his back and had to rely on a walking stick. Porter had psychological seizures – comparable to epileptic seizures. One of them caused a herniated disc with severe pain.

In the end it was just too much. Now the family man is going to therapy to deal with the trauma.


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