USA: Death penalty against John Marion Grant – murderer orders insane executioner’s meal

A US death row inmate ordered an incredible hangman’s meal prior to his execution. The motto: a calorie bomb.

The menu of John Marion Grant (60), who is waiting for lethal injection in Oklahoma, has it all: Grant ordered two bacon cheeseburgers (with onions, tomatoes, cucumber and mustard), almost two liters of ice cream (variety: Fürst Pückler) , an XXL pack of barbecue chips, an XXL pack of peanut butter biscuits (“Nutter Butter”) and two liters of cinnamon powder (“Mr. Pibb”).

The prison administration’s rules stipulate that the last meal of death row inmates must be eaten on the evening before the execution between 5 and 7 p.m. In addition, the menu in Oklahoma cannot cost more than $ 25. In this way, the authorities want to prevent the death row inmates from being completely indolent.

Texas abolished hangman’s meal

In the US state of Texas, the executioner’s meal has been completely abolished – because a single death row inmate seriously angered the prison administration: Before his execution in 2011, the murderer Lawrence Russell Brewer ordered cheeseburgers, pizza, fajitas, grilled meat, ice cream and beer – and then did not eat a bite. Since then, death row inmates in Texas have only been allowed the same food that all other inmates get.

However, Grant effectively prevented a quick delivery of his meal himself: His execution planned for Thursday was postponed – because he complained against the use of midazolam in the execution.

Debate about executions continues

There had been complications with the tranquilizer in previous executions, which is why the state of Oklahoma temporarily suspended the execution of the death penalty in 2015. Among other things, the agonizing death of the murderer Clayton Lockett in 2014 caused horror: his agony lasted 43 minutes. In the case of Charles Warner (a year later) the wrong drug had been used.

The execution mishaps led to a debate about the correct form of execution: First, in March 2018, the state of Oklahoma decided to carry out the pending execution with a nerve gas – for two years the authorities announced that the right means had now been found and that the execution could be carried out by lethal injection Continue.

The execution of John Marion Grant would have been the first execution in more than six years. He had been convicted of the 1998 murder of prison worker Gay Carter: He stabbed Carter 16 times at the Dick Connor Correctional Center in Hominy, also in Oklahoma, where he was being held for a robbery. She died of internal bleeding.


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