USA: 13-year-old arms dealer accidentally shoots his sister

Gun madness in the USA!

A teenager (13) shot his sister Kyra Scott (14) with a self-made gun. Investigators assume an accident.

Crazy: The boy wanted to sell one of his crafted weapons, said the responsible sheriff Tim Pounds. The two alleged buyers stole the gun and ran away. He then shot and fatally hit the young Kyra. The incident allegedly occurred at the family home in Douglasville, Georgia.

“This 13 year old boy makes guns, semi-automatic guns, and sells those guns on the street,” said Sheriff Pounds.

“He shot the people who took the gun from him. But instead he shot his sister, “said the shocked sheriff, describing the incident, which took place last weekend.

The boy who confessed to the crime is now being investigated for murder. The sister’s death was a “tragedy of epic proportions,” said prosecutor Dalia Racine.

According to the investigators, the suspect traded with so-called ghost weapons. These are assembled from several parts and usually have no serial numbers. The government of US President Joe Biden (79) had announced that it would take stronger action against these unregistered weapons.


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