Unique tiger martial arts in Vietnam: Evil moves, scary to hear

(Sports news, martial arts news) Tiger boxing in Vietnamese traditional martial arts is extremely diverse, unique and malicious enough to make the enemy fear.

Vietnamese masters perform “Lao Ho Thuong Son”

Tiger is one of the mascots with a dominant position in traditional martial arts of many ethnic groups, having a profound influence on many martial arts exercises, martial arts and martial arts of Asian countries, including the Vietnamese martial arts world. Male.

The martial art “Five tigers keep painting” depicts the year of the tiger with colors and directions according to the five elements

From witnessing tigers fighting, hunting as well as encounters with tigers, the Vietnamese have created unique fighting techniques, martial postures, and moves that simulate tiger movements. .

It can be mentioned as the song “Five tigers on the mountain” very unique describing the five tigers including Black Tiger (town in the North, belonging to Thuy), Thanh Tiger (in the East, belonging to Moc), Red Tiger (in the East). Nam belongs to Fire), Yellow Tiger (in the Central Four Quarters, belongs to Earth) and White Tiger (in the West, belongs to Kim). The colors and positions of the Five Tigers are also arranged according to the Five Elements.

Unique tiger martial arts in Vietnam: Evil moves, terrible to hear - 3

Vietnamese people create Tiger Quyen when watching tigers fight, or after fighting with the king of the jungle

Talking about the level of evil, the Bach Ho martial arts sect, named after the legendary white tiger founded by famous general Nguyen Huu Canh, is honored as the leader. This sect is famous for its extremely vicious melee technique with all attacks aimed at the opponent’s vitals. Bach Ho martial arts uses a lot of hand moves to simulate tiger hands (also known as tiger claws).

Tiger martial arts appear in many martial arts in our country. The Nam Hong Son sect has martial arts such as Manh tiger out of the mountain, Black tiger radial, and Long tiger right. The martial arts of Thang Long have Phuc Ho Cong and Manh Tiger Quyen.

Vo Tay Son Binh Dinh is famous since the 18th century with Hong tiger rights. An Thai martial arts school also belongs to Binh Dinh with Thao Tam Cuoc Ho.

Unique tiger martial arts in Vietnam: Evil moves, terrible to hear - 4

Students of Bach Ho martial arts practice

In terms of the uniqueness of Tiger rights, it is impossible not to mention the martial art “Three sets of tigers”, also widely known as “Three-legged tiger” martial arts, which is considered an elaborate technique by the Vietnamese in the region. Ba Mountain (Binh Dinh) was created about 200 years ago after a battle with a three-legged tiger.

Among the tiger boxing exercises, “Old Tiger Thuong Son” is the most famous one when it was included in one of 10 martial arts exercises by the Vietnam Traditional Martial Arts Federation in the compulsory training program and performed in the competition system. national competition, so almost every student of traditional martial arts knows it.

Unique tiger martial arts in Vietnam: Evil moves, terrible to hear - 5

“The right of three tiger legs” is extremely unique and rare

This martial art represents the power and majesty of the tiger. The decisive movements, transformation, and bravery simulate the movements, offensive and defensive postures of tigers, so they always give an impression to viewers.

In the martial arts, there are many fighting moves with images and names associated with tigers such as: White tiger starts up, Nhi tiger is hidden, Strong tiger leaves the mountain, Black tiger lowers the mountain, Crouching tiger returns, Show Long hidden tiger, The head of the tiger is tailed, the tiger is with a leopard, The tiger is back to the ground, The hungry tiger is tha Yang, Son Trung holds the tiger, Dear Lan tiger, The old tiger on the mountain, the white tiger comes out…

Unique tiger martial arts in Vietnam: Evil moves, terrible to hear - 6

“Old Tiger Thuong Son” is the most popular tiger right in Vietnam

In addition, many other martial arts or sects in Vietnam are formed or have symbols associated with tigers such as Tan Khanh Ba Tra martial arts, Bach Ho Lam sect in Quang Binh, Bach Ho martial arts furnace (Can Tho). …

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