UFC boxer kicked his own foot, McGregor was too young

Monday, April 26, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) “Crazy guy” UFC explains about the scandal that the boxer kicked his opponent’s leg and broke his own leg.

After just a few seconds, the 11-year rematch between Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall at the VyStar Veterans Memorial arena, Florida (USA) ended. The UFC 261 event ended on April 25 saw a terrifying injury from Chris Weidman, a former UFC mid-range champion.

Weidman broke his leg after a few seconds of playing

17 seconds after the match, Weidman kicked the opponent in the leg, but he broke his “gravure” bone. At this time, the American boxer did not know how to break his leg, but only when he put his foot on the floor and lost the post, he realized. The referee immediately rushed to stop the match, rival Hall collapsed on the floor to pray for Weidman.

Eight years ago, at UFC 168, Weidman was also one of the two main actors in another broken leg. There legend Anderson Silva broke his left leg after Weidman’s “fellow”. This time it was not Weidman’s opponent, but he himself was the victim.

“Please keep your faith. I wish all the best, love and calm down. Fans should respect this extraordinary warrior’s moment, and together wish him a 100% recovery as soon as possible. bless you and your family, Chris Weidman “,” Spider-Man “legend Anderson Silva wrote on Instagram.

UFC boxer kicked his own foot,

McGregor said that the American opponent was a bit lacking in skill when launching this kick

The star, “UFC madman” McGregor said on twitter: “I hope Chris Weidman is fully recovered! This situation no one wants to see. The kick to the calf is crazy. I noticed this kick was lacking. lots of skills, and no good balance. Kick into this area is extremely risky, you can either win or lose right after. ”

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping wrote: “Oh my god! What a crazy world we live in. This injury is terrifying “.

UFC President Dana White shared his pain with the boxer and shared that Weidman had undergone surgery, and his health is currently stable.

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