Turkey: Missing drunk helps find himself

The following story is from the category: THAT can only happen to drunk people …

Beyhan Mutlu (50) had a good time with friends, the group was drinking happily. When the man had apparently disappeared in the forest without a trace, his wife and the buddies notified the local police.

The officers assembled a search party to combed the area around Inegöl (western Turkey). Curious: When Beyhan Mutlu met the rescuers in the forest, he joined the helpers – without realizing that the men and women were looking for HIM!

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Like the British “Daily Mail” reports, the 50-year-old is said to have even helped for several hours in finding himself. When one of the rescuers finally called his name, the drunk replied: “I’m here.”

Police officers pulled Beyhan Mutlu aside and asked him what this was about. The Turk is said to have replied: “Please don’t punish me too harshly, my father will kill me.”

Rescue workers took the man home to his wife.


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