Try these great tricks to improve the performance of the smartphone

Smartphone Tricks: Most of the people who use the smartphone know that some tricks need to be adopted from time to time to maintain the performance of the phone better. If you do not do this, then the speed of the smartphone will be slow, which can irritate you. Today we are telling you about some such great tricks, using which you can improve the speed and performance of your phone.

Learn these 5 tricks
1. If you are using an Android smartphone, then you should keep updating it from time to time. With this, the speed of your phone will remain good.

2. Never install too many apps on your phone. This also fills up your storage and also affects the speed of your phone. You uninstall unnecessary apps. This will improve the performance of the phone.

3. Keep updating the apps you use the most from time to time. This will improve the performance of your phone.

4. Many people set live wallpaper in their smartphone. It looks quite attractive to see, but they affect the performance of your phone. Try not to put live wallpaper in your phone.

5. When the storage of your smart phone is completely full, then its performance deteriorates a lot. In this case you can use memory card. With this, your important data will also be stored and there will also be space in your phone.

How to improve battery performance
Many times the battery of your phone is not able to give good backup and it gets switched off quickly. In such a situation, problems arise in front of you. For this, you try to use the phone only when it is needed. Close the app running in the background. Also turn on the option of battery saver. If you consider all these things, then the performance of the battery can improve a lot.

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