Towards the 31st SEA Games, the gymnastics team is determined to overcome difficulties

SEA Games 31 is approaching and at this moment, the Vietnamese gymnastics team is working hard every day to have the best preparation, confidently reaping high achievements at the congress taking place at home.

Pushing open the door to the National Sports Training Center’s B block, the inside was like a construction site strewn with equipment, foggy with magnesium powder, and a noisy atmosphere. There, the boys and girls of the Vietnamese gymnastics team are working hard to prepare for the 31st SEA Games.

In a corner of the wall that has been stripped of paint, athlete Nguyen Van Khanh Phong, who filled the void after SEA Games champion Dang Nam retired, is showing off his billowing muscles on a hanging ring. Not far away, Le Thanh Tung threw himself into the air before landing and Tran Doan Quynh Nam was determined to complete the exercise despite recovering from Covid-19 and returning from Azerbaijan.

Towards the 31st SEA Games, the gymnastics team is determined to overcome difficulties - 3

Unable to train abroad because of the pandemic, Vietnamese gymnasts try to improve themselves in the National Sports Training Center. (Photo: Son Tung)

Dinh Phuong Thanh, who won 2 individual gold medals in the singles and doubles bars at SEA Games 30, did push-ups on the bar with great concentration. Phuong Thanh said that this time he tried to improve his physical weakness to participate in many contents at the next SEA Games.

At the 30th SEA Games, the Gymnastics team achieved 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medals, significantly less than the previous SEA Games (5 Gold, 3 Silver). This is explained by the rise of the host country Philippines, with the main factor being the world champion in freestyle gymnastics Carlos Yulo. As coach and coach Truong Minh Sang shared, “In the past, Vietnamese gymnastics had strong content and had no competitors in the region. But Carlos Yulo, with its world class, can balance all of our strong content.”

Towards the 31st SEA Games, the gymnastics team is determined to overcome difficulties - 4

Permanent smile on the lips of gymnastics athletes. (Photo: Son Tung)

Although admitting this is a great difficulty, coach Truong Minh Sang believes that the increased competition and level in Southeast Asia brings great motivation to help us develop. Particularly at the upcoming 31st SEA Games, he aims for the men’s team to win 3 gold medals in strong content including team, jump and double bar.

“Based on the actual context, 3 gold medals is not an easy goal to achieve. In addition to the opponent’s problem, playing the host role is an advantage, but it also brings pressure,” coach Truong Minh Sang.

Towards the 31st SEA Games, the gymnastics team is determined to overcome difficulties - 5

Athletes enthusiastically practice under the slogan “Hard work becomes talent – Hard work becomes good”. (Photo: Son Tung)

However, thanks to the attention of the General Department of Physical Education and Sports, from improving nutrition to supplementing functional foods, the team is still determined to achieve the highest possible results. According to Dinh Phuong Thanh, the team also has young athletes participating in the biggest tournament in the region for the first time, but “the preparation is also very good, the lessons are stable” to be able to create interesting surprises.

“Hard work becomes talent – Hard work becomes good”, under the slogan solemnly hung in the training center, the golden hopes of Gymnastics are still striving. Despite the early summer heat and fatigue, smiles still appeared on sweaty faces. All are ready to create a successful SEA Games at home.


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