“Too young” for breast cancer: British woman (31) dies of a tumor shortly after getting married

On their wedding day, Sinead Richards, 31, smiled at the camera. The British and husband Liam McDonagh (33) had tied the knot at the end of August – after spending twelve years together and becoming the parents of two daughters (7 and 9).

22 days later, on September 10, the Stanningley mother of two died of breast cancer. And that’s only because Sinead’s doctors are said to have told her that at 31 she was too young to get this curable disease, says widower Liam the “Daily Mail“.

▶ ︎ Because: 98 percent of all women survive breast cancer if it is detected in the early stages.

Sinead Richards had already found a lump in her breast in late 2019. The then 29-year-old school chaplain went to her family doctor in spring 2020. Several tests failed to detect the cancer. Her doctors are said to have reassured her by saying that she was “too young” for the disease. A deadly mistake. Later tests found Sinead had end-stage breast cancer. There was no longer any chance of a cure for the mother of two children.

Only 25 percent of patients with end-stage breast cancer live more than five years after diagnosis. Sinead lasted 18 months. She bravely fought her way from chemo to chemo. “When we were in the hospital, people looked at us twice. Like they can’t believe how young we were. She was only 31 years old and we couldn’t believe it either, ”recalls Liam McDonagh.

On the day of their wedding, Sinead Richards did not show her fatal cancerPhoto: action press

Liam looks intently at his Sinead.  The two were a couple for 12 years.  Sinead is dead 22 days after this recording

Liam looks intently at his Sinead. The two were a couple for twelve years. Sinead died 22 days after this admission Photo: action press

At the wedding of Sinead and Liam on August 19th, the cancer had already won. The bride had to pull herself together to hide her pain from her lover, her children Paige and Georgie, and the guests. Liam: “Everyone smiled all day. She was doing very badly, but she showed who she really is: She struggled to make it this far and she put on a brave face. “

Sinead Richards spent the last weeks of her life in the hospital, where she died on September 10th. A friend of Liam’s helps the construction worker pay for the funeral. He collects donations through “GoFundMe”. So far, more than 4000 pounds (4600 euros) have come together.

But for Liam McDonagh, the memory of his wife is most important: “If your story helps to ensure that only one person can be screened for breast cancer, it was all worth it. She was the most wonderful person. “


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