Three cooking habits that are harmful to health

Frying at high temperature, using frying oil many times, the menu is not balanced with the group of substances … causing food loss of nutrition, people at risk of disease.

High heat cooking

According to information from the Institute of Nutrition, frying oil and fat at high temperature (above 180 degrees Celsius) will cause chemical reactions that cause vitamins A, E and some nutrients in the oil to be destroyed. aldehydes, fatty acid oxides… are harmful to health. The burning of oil produces acrolenin which can cause eye and respiratory irritation.

Food grilled directly on charcoal can produce toxic substances. Photo: Cavan

Eating this food, users may experience indigestion, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, high blood pressure, fatigue…; Long-term use in large quantities can cause illness. The higher the oil temperature (like letting the oil ignite on a pan), the more times the used oil is processed, the more harmful substances are produced.

Use oil to fry again and again

Experts emphasize that excess fat after frying should be discarded, avoiding storing for next time cooking, especially with poor heat-resistant varieties. Cause, as mentioned above, the nutrition in the oil has changed to create harmful substances. Leftover food residues can burn and continue to produce toxins. When cooked, the food changes color and taste, causing chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease…; It is easier to see that the skin produces more oil, acne.

Unbalanced menu

Fried and grilled dishes have a crispy taste and aroma, so they stimulate the taste buds and create a sense of deliciousness when eating. However, if eaten regularly, it can cause an imbalance in the group of substances, too much protein and fat and spices.

Experts recommend that in daily meals, it is necessary to balance the group of substances with energy from cereals accounting for 55-67%, fat 20-25%, protein 13-20%. Eat three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with energy ratio for meals is 30%, 40%, 30%. Should eat breakfast regularly, should not eat dinner too full.

Fryer with steam technology helps to cook food without using excessive heat.  Photo: Mishio

Fryer with steam technology helps to cook food without using excessive heat. Photo: Mishio

Regarding the processing method, it is necessary to limit high-heat dishes, do not use oil that has been fried many times. A good way to have delicious fried foods is to use an air fryer. There is a line of fryers that use steam technology to cook food, avoid exposure to high temperatures, and improve user health.

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