They died in a fire: siblings buried in colorful coffins

St. Louis – There are pictures that break your heart.

Five children with smiling faces, in their favorite clothes and with their favorite cartoon characters. Five children – one on each coffin. Because Deontae (9), Jabari (4), Loy’el (2) and the twins Heaven and Neveah (8) are dead. Died from smoke inhalation when there was a fire in their house.

In a pink dress: Mother Sabrina Dunigan (34) screams when she sees the coffins. Her sisters support herPhoto: Robert Cohen / AP

The accident happened on August 6th around 3 a.m. in St. Louis (USA). Tragic: Mother Sabrina Dunigan (34) was on the way when the fire broke out and was picking up her boyfriend from work. When she returned it was all too late.

At the weekend, the five siblings were buried – in the colorful coffins that were supposed to show them as happily as they were in life. Her mother came in a pink dress – and broke down crying from her terrible suffering.


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