These benefits of BHIM App will not be known by what you make it different from others

The BHIM app was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 30 December 2016. This app made by the National Payment Corporation of India has many advantages. The biggest advantage of this app is that you do not have to remember your bank details all the time. All you need is a virtual payment address to do a digital transaction. Today we are telling you what are the benefits of Bhima App, which makes it different from others.

There is only one app for many banks
The biggest feature for BHIM is that it works in all banks and when they have multiple accounts in different banks, users do not need to use different apps. If a user has an account in 3-4 UPI enabled banks, then BHIM can do all the work related to the bank through the app. Through the Bhima app, many mobile wallet accounts can perform cashless transactions by saving time and interruptions. Whereas for Paytm transaction, you have to add money every time through net banking or credit / debit card.

Internet is not needed
BHIM app can transact from one bank account to another without internet connection. For that, you have to dial * 99 # from a mobile phone and it will show a welcome screen with seven options in which to send money, check the balance or options such as transaction history. Non-smartphone users can also use BHIM app for transactions. Although Paytm has also launched a similar feature, but in order to transfer money from the bank, it requires internet.

Get reliable payment options
BHIM App is supported by the Government of India which gives it the most secure and reliable payment options. Mobile number, bank account, IFSC code and Aadhaar number. Currently there are 5 payment options on this app. On the other hand, Paytm is supported by One97 Communications, a private mobile Internet company. The list of One97 investors includes Ant Financial (AliPay), SAIF Partners, Sapphire Venture and Silicon Valley Bank.

Authentication and Security
BHIM app has 3 level security, which makes it a more secure option from the customers point of view. The three levels of authentication include the device ID or mobile number, the bank account you are linking to this app, and the third UPI PIN to complete the transaction. When you are paying using your Wallet Balance, Paytm does not ask for any PIN or password. Therefore, anyone can pay using Paytm balance.

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