The worry-free house of Saigon’s family

With a space that evokes discovery, this house in District 10 brings new experiences for a family of four generations.

The townhouse consists of a ground floor four floors, size 4 x 20 m in district 10. When looking to the architects, the owner wanted to renovate and expand the degraded house built in 1975. They also need to add conveniences such as elevators, solar panels and more common spaces that are friendly to both adults and children.

The house impresses with the different design of the surrounding works.

Based on the reinforced old structural framework, the design team Khoa Ngo, Nhung Ho, Thu Tang, Triet Le, Y Nguyen (6Atelier) increased the floor area of ​​the building to about 30%. The house from a ground floor, a mezzanine, two floors, a terrace into a ground floor, a mezzanine, four floors.

Front and house space before renovation.

Front and house space before renovation.

In order to balance the density of dense functional spaces, the common areas are flexible spaces, creating a connection with the green space and outdoor space.

Linking the floors is a system of stairs with open and closed views, stimulating interaction in and out of the room, creating an interesting experience for occupants as they move. Curved railings evoke curiosity, stimulate young children to explore in daily activities.

The higher you go, the wider the common space, leading to the roof garden, where the family has relative privacy, away from the noise of city life.

The interior uses yellow, brown, gray and white colors to bring simplicity and comfort. These are also sustainable colors that do not go out of style and are easy to match.

Space on the ground floor and first floor after renovation.

Space on the ground floor and first floor after renovation.

Yellow is also used for the outside of the building. A special feature is that the paint color is transitioned in chroma from front to back, forming a guide and visually interesting for the cover.

Another highlight of the house is the circular perforated balcony. In addition to supporting convection and increasing aesthetics, it ensures the necessary privacy when surrounded by many high-rise buildings and offices, and forms points of view and interaction for occupants. The round holes are also the place to wait for the technical pipes to float (such as the exhaust pipe of the smoke machine in the kitchen) and to escape the heat from the air conditioner in the balcony area.

The house has a lot of space for the owner to experience, creating a new lifestyle that is more interesting and not boring. The project will be completed in 2021, after 12 months of construction.

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Minh Trang
Photo: Triet Le
Design: 6Atelier


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