The trees will be on sale on Friday … but not the Christmas decorations, which will have to be bought on the internet

Victory for florists: they will be allowed to sell Christmas trees outdoors from Friday, November 20, like other usual points of sale. The Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie, who confirmed the news on Tuesday at the microphone of “RMC”, underlined a measure “Very important for the French, for families, for children”, but also “For a whole sector”, one month away from the end of year vacation. A government decree will be published to this effect.

“The industry is getting organized, all the producers are hard at work and it will be possible for each of our fellow citizens to have access to these trees from November 20,” concludes Julien Denormandie.

The trees, but not the garlands

The trees were already available for sale in supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centers. It will also be possible to buy a tree without having to order it beforehand, specifies Julien Denormandie. Except that here is: this is still not the case for Christmas decorations … which remain prohibited for sale in said shops. So in this Rhône garden center, where customers are told that by decree, the shelves of artificial flowers, interior decoration, toys, bookstores and Christmas decorations remain closed:

In a garden center near Lyon, this Tuesday.

For the French who do not have a stock of garlands and Christmas balls at their home, it will indeed be necessary to acquire them separately, via the internet, confirms to “Obs” the cabinet of Alain Griset, Minister Delegate in charge. Small and medium-sized enterprises. “It is possible via online sales or” click and collect “from specialized stores”, we are told. Clearly, Christmas shopping promises to be difficult …

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