The Toyota Foundation provides clean water for students in Quang Binh

The Toyota Vietnam Foundation hands over the purified water filtration system at the school in Quang Binh to address health care in the community.

The Toyota Vietnam Foundation cooperates with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to build a purified water filtration system, including a crude filtration system, a water tank at 2 primary schools in Quang Binh province: Thuong Trach Primary School, School Xuan Trach Primary School. Water purification system will provide from 25-30 m3 of water per person per day and night, enough for 120 people per point, serving the needs of all students, teachers and schools.

Ceremony of awarding clean water works to primary schools in Quang Binh. Image: Toyota Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, the representative of Toyota Vietnam Fund shared, clean water is one of the most essential needs in human life, playing an important role in protecting public health, contributing to maintaining , develop social security. However, access to clean water in Quang Binh province, especially in remote areas, still faces many difficulties due to limited physical conditions.

Through the project to provide clean water, the unit wishes to contribute to improving facilities, improving the quality of care and teaching at primary schools. From there, create an important premise for students – the country’s future young generation to develop comprehensively mentally and physically.

The unit wants to contribute to improving facilities, improving the quality of care and teaching at primary schools

The unit wants to contribute to improving facilities in primary schools. Image: Toyota Vietnam.

Since its establishment, with the aim of bringing a better life to the local community, Toyota Vietnam Foundation has made efforts to contribute positively to the society, in the field of training and human resource development. In addition to the clean water supply project, the Toyota Foundation has also implemented many other meaningful activities such as the Compassionate bracelet scholarship to support the children of victims who died from traffic accidents; building schools for children in upland areas; Toyota vocational training scholarships for students with difficult circumstances. The Fund actively contributes to bringing a better life to the community, affirms its commitment to accompany the sustainable development of the society.

Previously, the Toyota Vietnam Foundation worked with representatives of Quang Binh province to select 5 difficult schools, especially in the area lacking the cleanest water for the survey. After the survey, the unit chooses 2 schools to implement the program.

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