The suspicion of a trillion boxing match tricked the fans, and the lost boxer smiled and carried a mountain of money

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 13:25 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The boxing fighter is suspected of deliberately losing for the Youtube fighter to win.

Ben Askren, 36 years old, has attended many arenas such as MMA, Kickboxing and boxing match hours, but famously he cannot compare with Jake Paul. New boxer “wet feet” to Boxing but is a superstar on social networks, Paul was born in 1997 but currently has more than 20 million followers on Youtube.

The loser still grinned

The Youtube star had previously played 2 boxing matches and won, but the real martial arts talent may not be compared to Ben Askren. Experts say Asken will win easily, but if this happens it will not attract the attention of the audience, but when Paul wins, the effect is absolute, the organizers will benefit.

And the seemingly impossible happened, Paul won with a knock-out against experienced opponent Asken. That made more than 20 million fans watching this martial artist “go crazy”, they continuously shared information about the match with millions of other people and that was the success of this competition.

Paul won $ 690,000 (nearly 16 billion) after the victory, while Ben Askren received $ 500,000 (equivalent to 11 billion VND) but this amount is just extra. The total PPV revenue (purchased TV copyright paid) is up to 1.5 million times, equivalent to 75 million USD (about 1,700 billion VND), this is the “huge” amount that 2 boxers are about to be divided.

When the match was successful, the audience realized that they were “cheated”. Many fans on social networks attacked that two boxers acted to “pickpocket” viewers. Especially after watching the image of Asken grinning “grinning” after the defeat, the audience’s judgment was reinforced.

The amount of money Asken received after this match may be more than the total income that this puncher has played during his career, he has absolutely reason to be happy despite losing the match. This match can set a bad precedent, because many other punches are also willing to lose to receive a lot of money.

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Youtube martial artist lowered his hand to punch professionally,

(Sports news, martial arts news) The puncher has more than 20 million fans, showing that he is more than just a star on social networks.


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