The slap contest 2020: The 150kg guru beat the northeast to defeat the farmers

Wednesday 16/12/2020 19:02 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, slap competition) It’s not always the stronger one who wins in the end.

Video of the farmer’s slap, causing the “giant” to be hospitalized:

In Russia there are very strange sports competitions and slapping is among the most special. With the game above, the person who weighs better than the opponent usually has the upper hand. Vasiliy “Dumpling” Khamotiskiy is a true “King” of the Russian slap competition, he has no rival in the super-heavy weight class.

Khamotiskiy (right) was slapped by a farmer (in white shirt)

With a weight of up to 150 kg, “Dumpling” did not know what to lose since its appearance. Dumpling, a man from the small village of Ilansky in Siberia (Russia), has become a fever on social networks when “slapping” a series of opponents on the way to win the slap competition in Russia in 2019.

But people often say “tangerine shell with pointed nails”. RT (Russia) newspaper said that although “beat the northeast”, but the 150-kg boxer finally tasted defeat. In early 2020, Khamotiskiy commonly known as “Dumplings” was overpowered to a farmer, in a small local tournament.

Standing in front of the opponent with a confident manner, but after being hit by a slap, the Russian champion fell into a coma.

“It was a good hook, I liked it. I slept a bit. I could go on but they grabbed me and got me out of there,” Khamotskiy said in an interview with YouTuber Alexey. According to the report, Khamotiskiy was subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment.

Slap Competition 2020: Master 150kg & # 34; beat North East & # 34;  lost to the farmer - 3

Khamotiskiy (black shirt) fought with Vildanov (white shirt) in early December, the two sides stopped with a draw.

After the defeat above, there was not much information about the slap tournament nor about Vasiliy Khamotiskiy. Perhaps due to the influence of Covid-19, the annual slapping tournaments in Russia were postponed.

Not participating in the slap competition anymore, recently Khamotiskiy was found to be an MMA fighter. At the martial arts event called Fight Club took place in early December, there is an attractive match between Khamotiskiy versus Denis “Papa” Vildanov weighing 197 kg, height 1m91. At the time of martial arts, Khamotiskiy was 1m8 tall, weighing 173 kg. The match between the two “giants” ended with a draw.

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The master slapped contest:

(Sports news) The memorable confrontation between the two players ended with unexpected results.


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