The revenge of vinyl, like a snub to the virtual

Vinyl, Frédéric Pastier believes in it as hard as… wax. Yet it was just a year ago, when the health crisis began to emerge, that this independent record store opened a small 24 m2 store dedicated to LPs, a few steps from La Canebière in Marseille, “Good mother “. We know the rest: considered non-essential, his business had to close as quickly as it had opened, without breaking the enthusiasm of this enthusiast.

He says he made it out “Thanks to a small rent, state aid, and internet sales”. But above all, he thinks that this object, which we thought swept away by the advent of CDs and digital technology, has not finished making people talk about it:

“Buying vinyl is a counter reaction to the virtual. We need to touch, feel, feel, look at an object before listening to it. All digital does not fill the soul. And this new boom in vinyl can only continue. ”

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And he is far from being wrong. According to the latest figures published by the National Union of Phonographic Edition (Snep), in France, vinyl sales rose from 0.9 million units in 2015 to 4.1 million units in 2010. An increase constant which, we are told, will be confirmed in 2020. And if the CD remains the second source of income in the recorded music market, behind subscription streaming, this medium now represents 20% of the cost.

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