The player with 140 billion VND is guilty of robbery, losing his career because of falsely accused

Wednesday, 11/18/2020 19:20 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) A young footballer lost his job because he was falsely accused of armed robbery.

Over the past few days, football fans and the NFL American professional championship have been surprised by the news about DeAndre Baker. The 23-year-old player only played one season for the New York Giants club in 2019 before being severed for allegedly armed robbery.

DeAndre Baker was charged with robbery and face a life sentence

Baker was arrested last year in Florida after it was alleged that he, along with three other people, used the weapon to steal property from some people at a party in May. Because of this incident, Baker had was kicked out of the NFL tournament, although the sentence has not been pronounced, because public opinion said that it is difficult for him to escape the life sentence for robbery.

But on Monday, the lawsuit suddenly turned around after police arrested a lawyer in the state of Florida. This person represents some of the “victims” of the robbery and tries to blackmail Baker, that he will have to pay them a sum of about 250,000 USD for the allegations to be withdrawn.

Information Baker earned $ 6 million (about 140 billion) by playing for the Giants in 2019 is a public information and it seems that the others were targeting Baker from the beginning.

Florida state police said they had enough evidence to convict both the attorney and the other “victims,” ​​and the state court found the suspicious signs. A month ago the “plaintiff” party took action to withdraw testimony in court, saying that Baker did not directly participate in the robbery. It seems that the plaintiff’s lawyer blackmailing Baker also started from that point.

With recent developments, the Florida state court officially dismissed the lawsuit and acquitted Baker, they are even collecting evidence to investigate the plaintiff to prosecute the court on charges of slander. However, it took Baker a year to play, although fortunately he was still young to return to the NFL tournament.

Born in 1997, DeAndre Baker is an outstanding football player for the University of Georgia and was awarded the Best Defense Player of the American College Rugby Award in 2018. The Giants club cut his contract with him. making public dissatisfied when they said that they should temporarily suspend Baker while the case is clarified.

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