The player almost killed his opponent, the fans got angry because of the elbow killing blow

Saturday, March 20, 2021 13:18 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) A rugby player had a shock-killing blow that left the opponent unconscious during a match in Australia.

Video situation of Felise Kaufusi deliberately taking down Ryan Matterson:

Rugby is a popular sport in Australia and New Zealand. This subject is rich in physical strength with players possessing muscular muscles. Bumps have become a specialty for rugby and players accept injury as part of the game.

Three Melbourne Storm players dispute with Ryan Matterson and hit the kill

However, the recent collision in the match between Parramatta Eels and Melbourne Storm is being strongly condemned. The situation took place in a rather fierce ball, Parramatta Eels’ Ryan Matterson tried to keep the ball against three players on the Melbourne Storm side,

The teammate kept Ryan Matterson in, so Felise Kaufusi easily contested above. Experts say that the New Zealand player will definitely win the ball in this situation.

Indeed, it was, but Felise Kaufusi took one more action worthwhile. It was an elbow around Ryan Matterson’s neck and stiffened Parramatta Eels player. Matterson could not do anything when Kaufusi fell and pressed him down. Even on the professional martial arts floor, the way of Felise Kaufusi is also banned, let alone a rugby match.

The Australian player passively landed with his head, passed out and convulsed immediately. Of course, the referee cut off the whistle to stop the game and after watching the video he disqualified Kaufusi, and Ryan Matterson was sent straight to the hospital.

The Australian has regained consciousness after a night of intensive treatment. However, Ryan Matterson is still very painful in the first part of contact with the pitch, so doctors are still closely watching.

Meanwhile, Felise Kaufusi will have to receive a suspended sentence of 2-3 matches. However, fans of Rugby are angry and the wave of requests for a permanent ban with this player is rising.

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