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A bad for a good. “ The results are generally positive for Clémence Bragard, program coordinator for the National Animated Film Festival, which was held online for the second year in a row. Its very beautiful program, carefully prepared while that of last year had been hastily cobbled together, seems to have met a larger audience than a classic edition (12,000 admissions in 2019).

At first glance, we have reached the sought after audience, both professional and family, rejoices Clémence Bragard. The festival undoubtedly benefited from a favorable calendar with the national alignment of the Easter holidays.

Like the Annecy Festival, the Rennes Festival will reflect on the sustainability of certain online meetings, in addition to the very real ones.

On the prize list, the Rennes juries delivered rather consistent verdicts. The prize for the best professional short film was awarded to Precious, short film by Paul Mas on the exclusion mechanisms of an autistic child. Yet it is with him that Julie, a 9-year-old girl who cannot fit into her class, discovers drawing. His graphic talents arouse the admiration of his comrades. But the more accepted by them, the more she rejects Émile.

Animated in volume, this raw-looking film has the great merit of showing how cruel children can be towards each other, far from the image of innocence often conveyed in animated cinema and the 7th art. in general. Reproducing the same prejudices as their parents, children forget that difference is a precious treasure that must be cherished. However, the film lacks subtlety in the interpretation of the voices and in the approach to mental disorder, a narrative pretext intended to stage the rejection of otherness.

More successful, but just as desperate, Empty Places, by Geoffroy de Crécy, is a hypnotic ballet of deserted places, as if left in haste. A film of a disturbing topicality deeper than it seems, despite its airs of déjà vu (interview with its director to read on this blog).

Finally, a nice surprise from this list, My friend who shines in the night, is a story of poetic and funny friendship between a man and a ghost who lost his memory after being struck by lightning. Ligne claire à la Floc’h, comic book author and illustrator of Alain Resnais and Woody Allen’s posters, peaceful animation and your playfulness, this film by four Gobelins students, Hélène Ledevin, Jawed Boudaoud, Simon Cadilhac and Grégoire De Bernouis , is a beautiful allegory of the work of mourning.

Stephane Dreyfus

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