The MMA boxer kicked the opponent down, immediately was pushed by the referee

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 16:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) After the knock-out, the boxer received a powerful blow from the person who controlled the match.

Clip of the hit knockout screen at the Cage Fury FC 87 event

The MMA event called Cage Fury FC 87 in Philadelphia (USA) on November 1 saw a very classy knockout phase. Paris Artis (26 years old) and Ryan Rizco (27 years old) are considered “rival heroes”, but the game progress has not yet reflected all the balance.

A melancholy knockout at Cage Fury FC 87

Both boxers were unbeaten before this match and one had to taste defeat in the 4th minute, 1st half.

Continuously attacking the opponent, Artis kicked the decision to hit the head, causing Rizco to collapse on the ring.

At that moment, this puncher continued to rush in to compensate for a few more punches, though the referee quickly cut and kicked his body to knock Artis into the octagonal fence. The referee’s sharp situation was praised by the people, if he did not intervene early, Rizco could be in danger.

With Artis, he had a victory which was praised by MMAJunkie as “1 of the 5 best knockouts of the month”. It is known that this is the 4th consecutive win since Artis played MMA. On the contrary, after 2 victories, Rizco received the first defeat in his career.

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