The MMA battle fights strangely: The wind also fainted

Thursday, February 25, 2021 10:09 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) This is one of the easiest knock-out in the world, a boxer does not need to blow his opponent down.

The situation video did not hit, but the MMA fighter fell

The world press described the match between two Indonesian boxers, Alex Munster met Rudy Gunawan at One Pride MMA Fight Night 42 in Indonesia as a “zombie war”. Both of them burst their strength from the start, they put all their strength into the blow to knock down the opponent.

The 29-year-old boxer sat on his body, so he threw many punches in the face of the elder

When the first half was closed, it was felt that both punches began to feel tired. Entering the second half, their feet were not stable, there were many situations where both boxers walked staggered like the “zombies” in the movie.

At this time, Gunawan (37 years old) appeared to be more drowning than Munster (29 years old), despite not being hit, the more experienced puncher was exhausted and fell to the floor. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Munster stepped forward to sit on top of him and punched in the face, knocking down his opponent.

Specialized in mixed martial arts, MMA Fighting wrote: “A wild match, two boxers fought to the point of exhaustion and this is an impossible return for Alex Munster”.

Munster won the 6th win of his career, before that he lost 1 match. At the age of 37, Gunawan received the second consecutive defeat, before that he won only 8 matches since arriving at the MMA ring in 2016.

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An amazing knock-out MMA: A great kick that makes the opponent lose

(Sports news, martial arts news) The powerful kick of the boxer made the opponent fly many meters on the ring.


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