The method of making Keto cakes is gradually becoming popular

Currently, cakes, moon cakes, birthday cakes … are used almond flour, strong oats to ensure nutrition without fear of fat.

The Keto method is a low-carbohydrate (carb) and fat-based diet that significantly lowers blood sugar and insulin levels. This diet menu is suitable for everyone who is building a diet plan but is not too strict and can be done every day.

Keto recipes are becoming more and more popular. Photo: Ecomil Vietnam

Stemming from the benefits of Keto, in the past few years, the trend of making cakes according to this regime has started to gain popularity, as people have more time to stay at home and learn nutritious recipes. and easy to do. For Keto cakes, the main ingredient is almond flour, walnut flour or oatmeal. Performers will use honey or plant syrups such as maple syrup (from maple leaves) or agave syrup (from agave) to create sweetness.

Mooncakes made from almond flour.

Mooncakes made from almond flour. Photo: Ecomil Vietnam

The cake favors ingredients rich in fiber and natural fats such as: nuts or vegetable oils: such as: flaxseed oil, avocado oil, olives… Especially, in the process of making Keto cakes, the The ingredients are cleverly combined to create a soft or easy porosity for the dough without kneading or tempering the dough.

Most cakes can be replaced with the Keto method. Currently, many baking lovers use almond flour in some familiar cakes such as: sponge cake, moon cake, birthday cake… Keto cake recipe gives everyone a method of making new cakes, especially when consumers are gradually focusing on nutritional value and long-term health benefits.

The familiar Cheesecake is made from almond flour and agave syrup

The familiar Cheesecake is made from almond flour and agave syrup. Photo: Ecomil Vietnam

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