The math teacher wore a tiny bikini on the boxing floor and was beaten with a deformed face

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 16:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Once again, the math teacher made the boxing world flutter with her daring dress style.

Video of a math teacher wearing a bikini caused fever in pre-match press conference

Less than a month after the super chicken battle (55kg), the Australian female boxer, Ebanie Bridges entered the chicken belt battle (53.5kg) with Shannon Courtenay (UK) over the weekend. Holding the unbeaten series, however, before Shannon Courtenay was too classy, ​​the Australian female boxer did not create a surprise.

Ebanie Bridges had a dreadful eye injury

Despite his efforts during the 10 rounds, the Australian was unable to surprise a higher-rated Courtenay and regretted defeat by unanimous scores from referees (97-94, 98 -92, 98-92).

Without winning, Bridges still hurt her left eye but still struggled. After the match no one noticed the beautiful math teacher, because her face was almost deformed by a puffy eye, which looked quite scary. Thus Bridges lost the first match and could not win the world championship.

New to Boxing since February 2019, but the Australian math teacher quickly made the martial arts world remember her name with her victories and charismatic “fiery” features. Before that, during the weighting session before the event, the math teacher was wearing a tiny bikini, her hot looks overwhelmed all the members attending the press conference.

The math teacher wore a tiny bikini on the boxing floor, beaten with a deformed face - 3

Female math teacher wants many fans to care about women’s boxing

Math teacher wearing a tiny bikini on the boxing floor, beaten face deformity - 4

Australian female fighter (right) before the biggest game of her career against an English competitor (left)

Bridges said the reason she wears “loose” is to want audiences to pay attention to women’s boxing: “I want more people to pay attention to women’s boxing. Not only me, other colleagues are doing their best for this. The reason this match gets a lot of attention is because of me.

What matters is what goes on in the ring. But if we can get more people to see, Shannon and I can prove that women’s boxing is also attractive. That is my goal, I want as many viewers as possible. “

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