The match between teacher and student made viewers crazy, netizens mocked

Thursday, August 19, 2021 19:23 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports News) A professional footballer was beaten by a student in his school.

Kevin Looney was overtaken by students

August is the period when the players competing in the American professional basketball league NBA vacation, and they will only return to play at the end of October. Besides the summer break, some players also open basketball schools to play. teach teenagers.

Kevin Looney, striker is wearing the Golden State Warriors club

Kevon Looney, a striker playing for the Golden State Warriors Club, opened one such school to teach students skills. Recently, however, something strange happened at his school: He was confronted by one of his students and Looney himself was overtaken by his students.

In the video, the 1-vs-1 showdown sees the student perform smooth crossover maneuvers before swerving past Looney, who failed to catch up to successfully block the shot. The fact that the teacher was defeated by his students made the students and those around them “crazy”.

Looney was quickly teased by social networks, many people half jokingly saying he should “retire from now on” even though the player is only 25 years old.

Others suggested “closing schools now,” while others took the opportunity to mock the Warriors’ defensive ability, even though the team a few seasons ago was still the strongest team in the NBA.

Most NBA fans believe that such basketball schools teach that, unless they are old, they must be at a high level and give students a chance not to take a chance in a direct confrontation. There have been such examples in the past, the legendary Michael Jordan nearly 20 years ago used to teach basketball and regularly confront young players at the college level. Although he was about to retire, Jordan still beat them all and often cursed his opponents during the competition.

However, many people pointed out that in the video of Looney’s student, there was an illegal act of handing the ball, after turning the ball up, he still stuffed the ball to go to the basket even though the law did not allow it. Many social media users believe that in basketball schools, quite a lot of teenagers like to perform beautiful performances but often make mistakes of running or backing the ball, mistakes that will be caught very tightly when playing. reality (causes the home team to lose possession of the ball).


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