The house has a ‘tree hug’ staircase

Nghe AnThe 7.1 x 19 m land for tube house type is turned into a house with alternating green spaces, “house in garden – indoor garden”.

The house is located deep in a three-meter-wide alley in Vinh City, surrounded by solid high-rise buildings. The son who lives with his mother requires the architect to create a simple and comfortable space with a modest investment budget.

The house (middle) with a red tile roof seen from above. Image: Trieu Chien.

Wishing to create a green space evoking the soul of the countryside right in the heart of the city, the design team introduced a U-shaped space structure with three gardens: front, middle of the house and on the roof.

The green space in the front yard is not large but enough for homeowners to relax and breathe fresh air. This is also a place for children in the house to later contact and play with nature instead of being engrossed with phones.

An avocado tree is available on the land for house construction, which is very wrong. The design team persuaded the owner to keep the tree because in addition to the purpose of creating shade for the project, it will accompany his future life with important milestones such as getting married, giving birth, and nurturing. children. Hearing this idea, the young host immediately agreed.

Now, the tree has become the highlight of the small garden in the courtyard area. The spiral staircase embraces the tree trunk, connecting the space between the upper courtyard and the lower courtyard of the house, giving users the experience of walking under the foliage and feeling each staircase changing.

Stairs hugging the avocado tree.  Photo: Trieu Chien.

Stairs hugging the avocado tree. Image: Trieu Chien.

To add wind traps and multiple perspectives, the architect arranged a traditional two-dimensional funnel-shaped sloping red tile roof system. The roof creates a transition buffer between the inside and outside, from the front yard to the courtyard and roof courtyard. It also increases the building’s sustainability against the impact of the harsh climate of Central Vietnam.

The thin iron frame structure with the D60 round iron column supporting the roof makes the porch become softer in the middle of the land sandwiched between the surrounding high-rise buildings. Minimalist space and interior help people feel nature in the fullest way.

The cost of completing the project is about 750 million.

The common living space overlooks the front yard.  Photo: Trieu Chien.

The common living space overlooks the front yard. Image: Trieu Chien.

See construction drawings here.

Click to see more pictures of the project.

Minh Trang

Image: Trieu Chien

Design: Nguyen Khac Phuoc Architects


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