The hottest sports on the morning of April 13: Federer still plans to hit some clay competitions

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 00:04 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) Roger Federer is capable of attending some clay competitions even though he is not planning to play Roland Garros.

Federer is still planning on hitting some clay competitions

According to Tennis World USA, Roger Federer, although he will not attend Roland Garros this year, is likely to still play in some clay tournaments to maintain his form before starting to play on the pitch. Accordingly, the tournaments that Federer can attend are the Madrid Open and Geneva or Rome.

Roger Federer

Djokovic is proud of the record for number 1 in the world

Novak Djokovic said setting the record for holding the world’s number one for the longest time was an achievement he was very proud of, perhaps even considered the greatest achievement of Nole’s career. “It is a historical achievement that satisfied me and my family, perhaps my greatest achievement. The reason I think so is because the accumulation of effort and victory over the years has made that achievement, ”said Djokovic.

Hamilton was criticized for his silence over Prince Philip’s death

While British public opinion was condoling the Royal family after Prince Philip died at the age of 99, Lewis Hamilton was criticized for his silence for the event. British public opinion is not satisfied when Hamilton does not have a word for Prince Philip while posting on social media contents grateful for the death of black American rapper DMX. However, in fact Hamilton had condolences to the British Royal Family on Vogue magazine.

Joshua opened up about where the match with Fury would be held

Although there was an agreement to hold a boxing match Anthony Joshua – Tyson Fury, but the venue of the match is still a mystery to the public. Recently, Joshua has caused curiosity when he personally received an offer to host this match. “We received the first invitation to host the match. What good news, there’s no reason to delay now! ”Joshua wrote on Twitter.

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The hottest sports on the evening of April 12: Medvedev admits he doesn't like clay courts

(Sports news) The number 2 player in the world admits that the tournament on clay has always been a challenge for him.


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