The hottest sport on the morning of February 16: Nadal sends a message to comfort his female colleague

(Sports News, Tennis News) Rafael Nadal sent a message of encouragement to Iga Switek right after the talented Polish female tennis player missed tickets to the Australian Open final last year.

Nadal texted to comfort fellow beauties who missed the Australian Open final ticket

After an easy 6-1, 6-2 victory over Daria Kasatkina in the first round of the WTA Dubai Tennis Championship, Iga Swiatek revealed in the press room that she was comforted by text messages from Rafael Nadal following the 4-6 defeat. , 1-6 against Danielle Collins at the Australian Open semi-finals on January 27.

Swiatek appreciates Nadal’s love for her

The Polish beauty who won the Roland Garros 2020 women’s singles champion said: “I was surprised when I received a message from Rafa. It’s impressive to see someone like him able to send a message to someone like me. What he wrote for me inspired me.”

“I used to be very angry after that loss (to Collins), but the next day I regained the motivation to train harder,” Swiatek said.

Video of the Australian Open 2022 women’s singles semi-final between Iga Swiatek and Danielle Collins:

World champion Borislav Ivkov dies

The Serbian Chess Federation reported that the legendary former player Borislav Ivkov has died in Belgrade at the age of 89. Ivkov was the junior world champion in 1951 and became a grandmaster at the age of 22 when he was still a junior. citizen of the Federation of Yugoslavia (former).

The hottest sport on the morning of February 16: Nadal sends a message to comfort his female colleague - 3

Former legendary player Borislav Ivkov has just died at the age of 89

This legend also won 10 Olympic medals (6 silver medals, 4 bronze medals), won 5 world and European championships, 3 times the Yugoslav Federation champion and many other noble titles.

NBA STARS can return to the game after being banned for 2 years because of drug addiction

According to Marca, Tyreke Evans has just been allowed to re-appear at the American Professional basketball tournament (NBA) after serving a two-year ban from playing for violating anti-drug rules at this prestigious tournament. In 2019, this male athlete also played for the Indiana Pacers before he was found to be addicted to drugs and was terminated by this club. Currently, he can sign a contract to join any NBA team that will support him.

American gymnastics “dwarf mushroom” Simone Biles is about to marry a rugby player

Famous American female gymnast Simone Biles has just become engaged to her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, a player for the Houston Texans Club in this National Football League (NFL). On her personal Instagram page, which has attracted more than 6.8 million followers, Biles, a “dwarf mushroom” only 1.42m tall, posted a photo of her fiance kneeling to exchange her wedding ring.

The hottest sport on the morning of February 16: Nadal sends a message to comfort his colleague - 4

Simone Biles is happy because her boyfriend Jonathan Owens proposed

Father and son reunite at the Winter Olympics after more than 2 years apart because of Covid-19

The reunion story of father and son Jeff Mather and Liam Mather at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics recently received sympathy and spread widely across Chinese social networking forums.

It is known that the father and son have not seen each other for more than two and a half years due to the closure and travel restrictions due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. While his son Liam has lived and worked in Beijing for the past 5 years, his father Jeff has settled in Toronto, their native Canada.

The Beijing 2022 Olympic Games have brought the two together a chance to reunite as they work together in a “closed Olympic bubble” with different missions.


Nadal falls in love with SAO Liverpool,

(Sports news, tennis news) Nadal has forged a close relationship with the Liverpool striker, while Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas believes there will be “BIG 8” tennis.

According to Dang Duc (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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