The great Vietnamese billiard player was in a great battle: Rain on the spot stunned the audience

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 06:30 (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) The quarter-final match between two players Vo Phuoc Thanh and Tran Duc Minh deserves a match of the top of the Vietnamese carom.

Series “rain point” billiard between Duc Minh and Phuoc Thanh

Both are the top candidates for the championship at the Ut Nhi Open 1st carom tournament 2020, Tran Duc Minh and Vo Phuoc Thanh have a fierce competition to compete for a ticket to the quarterfinals at branch A taking place in November 4.

Duc Minh recorded his name in the quarterfinals

On his first muscle line, Duc Minh “heated up” the match with a series of 34 points. After that, Phuoc Thanh responded with a 33-point strike to balance the game. The fiery battle continued when Duc Minh ended the first half with a 20-point chance to temporarily lead 67-47.

At the beginning of the second half, it was Phuoc Thanh’s turn to score 16 points and shorten the gap to 63-67. The match once again returned to a 75-75 balance after Phuoc Thanh had a 12-point strike.

In the midst of a very tense game, Duc Minh calmly made a 21-point hit, thereby creating a great advantage and winning 100-76 after 11 innings. Outstanding defeating Phuoc Thanh, Duc Minh named himself in the top 8 most powerful players in the tournament. Duc Minh’s 34-point series in this match is also the highest chance at the end of the first matchday.

The great Vietnamese billiard player in the ultimate war:

Despite the loss, Phuoc Thanh still received many compliments

Both Duc Minh and Phuoc Thanh have a chance to participate in the first round of the national ice which will take place in Da Nang in mid-November, fans are eagerly waiting for the reunion of these two players.

The 1st band of Ut Nhi Open 2020 takes place from November 4-6 in Hoc Mon district (HCMC). Considered an important tournament to prepare for the national finals (finals) 2020, the tournament has attracted more than 150 veteran players in the Vietnamese billiard village to attend.

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