The ‘expensive’ vermicelli dishes after Tet

After the long Tet holiday incessantly at the table, the vermicelli dishes became popular because of their ability to effectively disintegrate.

The cool, mildly sour, green vegetable dishes are always loved and chosen by many people such as: Bun fish dot, vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli, bamboo shoots, bun cha, vermicelli with shrimp paste.

Vermicelli with crab and beef corn is a very effective treat after Tet. Image: Bui Thuy.

1. Fish noodle soup

Each piece of fish outside is crunchy, soft sweet inside, light broth, blended with choysum or blanched vegetables … quickly “captivates” the enjoyers.

To have a delicious bowl of fish vermicelli, need to pay attention to the following tips: Choose fresh fish, fry 2 times the fire to make the fish crispy, cook with clear broth and add vinegar when you eat it to get a characteristic aroma. Sweet and sour dipping sauce …

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2. Noodles with stir-fried beef or snail topping

After Tet, the shops selling crab vermicelli are always crowded with customers. With a sour broth, delicious and muscular delicious, adding golden fried bean topping, sweet and soft stir-fried beef or anyone who likes, replace it with a crispy and lumpy snail … all make a harmonious and beautiful whole.

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3. Vermicelli grows

With pure natural broth, growing crunchy, eating just one piece, just taking it easy, makes the taste of childhood memories come back. Food is the soul of the past, making it easy for anyone who travels far away, so we hope that the union members can enjoy and review.

Noodles grow deliciously in the natural sweet broth, the bones need to be cleaned and then simmered, so that the sweet essence is secreted.

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Regardless of the season, wherever, vermicelli, fish sauce, shrimp paste quickly wins the hearts of the enjoyers.  Photo: Bui Thuy.

Regardless of the season, wherever, vermicelli, fish sauce, shrimp paste quickly wins the hearts of the enjoyers. Image: Bui Thuy.

4. Vermicelli with bean curd, shrimp paste

Regardless of the season, wherever, vermicelli, fish sauce, shrimp paste quickly wins the hearts of the enjoyers. Each piece of small, beautiful, pure white vermicelli in combination with golden tofu, crispy spring rolls, sweet and fragrant spring rolls … dipped in a bowl of shrimp sauce to awaken the typical aroma of the soul of the country, rustic but delicious .

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5. Bun with bamboo shoots

After a few days of Tet, the tray was overflowing with chicken and pigs, after Tet, the noodles with bamboo shoots were crowned again. The duck meat is both sweet and chewy, in a bowl of ginger fish sauce that is full of sweet and sour taste, crispy bamboo shoots, and soft vermicelli … making everyone eat “addicted” right from the first time they enjoy.

The main secret of this dish is to process duck, deodorize with a little ginger, salt, white wine, and then rub a little milk to soften the meat. The way to boil a duck is also different from a chicken: If the chicken is put in cold water, the duck needs to add it when the water is slightly warm to make the duck meat delicious and not red.

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6. Southern fried beef noodle soup

This fresh dish was once included in the list of must-try dishes in a lifetime by CNN TV (USA).

Stir-fried beef with natural soft sweet taste, roasted peanuts, crispy bean sprouts, crispy onions and smooth white vermicelli strands sprinkled on sweet and sour sauce … all combine balance, harmony .

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7. Bun cha

Despite Tet with better meat bags, the Tet bun cha is still “expensive”. Each strand of small white vermicelli, neatly in a bowl of amber-colored dipping sauce, fragrant grilled rolls … makes the taste of Ha forever.

The secret of delicious cha is to choose fresh meat, main spices such as delicious fish sauce, fragrant roasted peppercorns, minced purple onions. In addition, for a nice color, add a little honey, amber colored water, and a little cooking oil to prevent the ball from drying out.

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