The boxer knocked out the wrong referee, stunned the puncher lost 279 matches

(Sports news, martial arts news) The news created a great attraction for fans when a boxer knocked out the wrong referee, with two career fighters winning only 4%.

Knockout boxer wrong referee

Memorable referee knock-out video

The new MMA Super Cup event that took place in Mexico recently had a situation that the referee will never forget. Controlling the match between two young boxers Luis Gonzalez and Lewis Byrne, the referee was hit with a powerful kick.

The boxer hit the referee in the face

Young people are often enthusiastic but inexperienced, and the referee is unpredictable, so he gets hit by Gonzalez’s impromptu kick.

Hit with a “sledgehammer”, the black king Scott Manhardt lay sprawled out on the ring. The competition was forced to stop for a few minutes for the medical staff to do their job.

Mr. Manhardt was then able to get up to control the match. The match ended without anyone being knocked out and Byrne from Ireland was given a higher consensus score by 3 referees than Gonzales (Mexico).

Many people thought that the Mexican puncher was aggressive with the referee, so he was awarded a loss, but the audience who watched the entire match did not think so.

The boxer pretends to give flowers and then kicks and punches his opponent in the face

Video pretending to give flowers to attack opponents

A video posted on Twitter about the press conference before an MMA event took place in Russia on March 9. A puncher holding a bouquet of flowers approaches the opponent, pretends to give it, then kicks and punches the face of the “suffering owner”. The mess was quickly brought under control by security guards.

The boxer knocked out the wrong referee, stunned the puncher lost 279 matches - 3

Pretend to give flowers to attack the opponent

According to the person who posted this clip on social networks, the boxers are encouraged to be aggressive, create scandals during the press conference to help the tournament get more attention.

Two professional boxers only won 4%

The whole career of professional boxing only won 4% of a very meager number, but the two boxers below still compete with all passion.

According to Dailystars, Kristian Laight and Robin Deakin are the owners of two Boxing careers with only 4% of wins.

The boxer knocked out the wrong referee, stunned the puncher lost 279 matches - 4

Called “reliable Mr” Laight (right) for losing too much

Kristian Laight (England) played professionally in 2003, retired in 2018, was named “reliable Mr” because he always kept “stable” losing streak. The 41-year-old former boxer won only 12 fights and lost 279 fights when competing in Boxing.

Similarly, Robin Deakin was nicknamed “Britain’s ugliest boxer” because of his bad match streak. Deakin won his first fight when he debuted in 2006 but it took him nine years to win his second fight nine years later. During this time, the British boxer lost 51 fights.

The boxer knocked out the wrong referee, stunned the puncher lost 279 matches - 5

Deakin (right) also has a boxing career with a very modest number of wins

In the last match in July 2017, this boxer lost to Diego Valtierra. He retired with a win rate of 4% (won 2, lost 53).


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According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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