The beauty of Russian skating was threatened with harm for surpassing Saint Yuna Kim

Sunday, February 7, 2021 16:15 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, skating news) “The queen” of Russian skating received thousands of death threats after winning the Korean “Holy Woman” at the Olympics.

Adelina Sotnikova, 24, Russia’s first Olympic champion in women’s figure skating, said she continues to receive thousands of threats of harm from her Korean fans. They failed to show her gold medal performance at the Sochi Olympics, Russia 2014.

After 7 years Adelina Sotnikova was still threatened by Korean fans

The 24-year-old athlete, who retired from his professional sports career last year, revealed that after seven years Korean fans still send angry messages on social media with a desire to convict her.

“I was extremely nervous about facing the hatred of Korean fans right after the Sochi Olympics. They couldn’t forgive me for winning against star Yuna Kim. Direct messages and comments with profanity and swearing. They speak in English, but sometimes they write to me in Russian with the help of Google, “Sotnikova said.

“Even now, seven years after my victory, some of the fans still hate, they keep threatening me. They curse me, send death threats or wish me some” interesting things “. I don’t mind them. Why should I dedicate my mind to my haters and joke around? I delete the messages and block the account, “the skating beauty closed.

The reason why Korean fans are angry and hated is because the figure skating idol Yuna Kim lost in shock to Adelina Sotnikova. The beauty Yuna at that time had a lot of fans and was predicted to be a heavy candidate to register at the 2014 Olympics.

The beauty of Russian ice skating was threatened with harm for surpassing

Yuna Kim is a figure skating, beauty of Korea once

In the last performance, the defending Olympic champion from Korea was expected to win the gold medal after she had a near-perfect performance, but this failed. The host country athlete, Adelina Sotnikova had an equally great performance, even the Russian girl was scored higher by the jury than “Holy Woman” Yuna and won the gold medal.

Sotnikova’s victory made Korean fans angry, they said that the referees favored the host country. This victory sparked fierce controversy, but neither the Korea Figure Skating Federation nor Yuna Kim herself ever contradicted the results.

HCV Olympic is the most impressive achievement in Sotnikova’s career. Before that, she won the world gold medal in the youth tournament, 1 gold medal for the Grand Prix Final youth award, 2 silver medal in the European ice skating tournament and 1 gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Yuna Kim is a Korean figure skating and beauty icon that used to outperform Sotnikova. The former 30-year-old Korean skater won 1 gold medal at the 2010 Olympic Games, won 2 world medals, 1 transcontinental tournament gold and 3 Grand Prix Final gold.

At the 2014 Olympics in Russia, Yuna, the defending champion, lost to a young athlete of the host country, so Korean fans reacted violently, after 7 years, some people still have not forgotten the pain.

The beauty of Russian ice skating was threatened with harm for surpassing

Kim’s gaze (left) goes to the Sotnikova champion at the 2014 Olympics

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