Thailand: Police arrest German kickboxer (29) – drugs discovered!

An undercover investigator was his undoing!

The police arrested the German kickboxer Vincent Rich M. (29) during a raid in northern Thailand. Reason: He was trading marijuana on a large scale on the Internet!

The Brandenburg-born kickboxer had converted the entire ground floor of his house for the cultivation of the plants. Investigators found three greenhouses and 13 cannabis plants, as well as several containers of dried marijuana, according to a report by The Nation.

M. reportedly said he worked as a muay thai boxing trainer in Germany and even won a championship title. In the ring he went under the name “Vinnii Vinz”. At the beginning of the year he moved to the house in Chiang Mai to work as a boxer.

But Corona thwarted his plans: M. became unemployed and started dealing. But in the process he came across an undercover investigator who posed as a customer – whose information led to the raid.

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According to Thai criminal law, the kickboxer now faces up to five years in prison. Even with the maximum sentence, he would still get off relatively mildly. Because anyone who has hard drugs in Thailand can also be sentenced to death.


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