Thailand: Briton murdered with sickle because he listened to music too loud?

A father of two fell victim to a sickle murder while on vacation in Thailand. Did the perpetrator feel disturbed by loud music?

Brit Marcus Evans († 49) was on vacation with his buddy Shaun Dagnan (55) in Thailand. At around 3am on Friday, the two friends were sitting in front of a house in Kanchanaburi, drinking beer and listening to music on a Bluetooth box. Suddenly a resident stormed out of the house, complained about the noise and attacked the two with a sickle!

While Dagnan was fighting for his life in hospital, Evans succumbed to his wounds at the scene. Thai police arrested the suspect on Saturday morning.

“We believe the dispute was caused by the loud music, but the matter could have been discussed and resolved differently,” a police spokesman said.

The morning after the crime, a pool of blood can still be seen where Evans and his friend were drinking beer and listening to musicPhoto: ViralPress

According to an eyewitness, the vacationers and the sickle killer knew each other.

The “Sun“ quotes the Italian Adria Licci (59): “I was friends with the man who died and the injured man. The two knew the attacker and had previously drunk with him and given him cigarettes. They often joked with him.”

At the time of the crime, Licci was in the resort where Evans had been vacationing since December 17. “I never saw the three of them argue until Friday night. When I came out of my room, they were lying on the floor in a pool of blood,” he says.

As it turned out after the suspect’s arrest, he was also attacked by angry neighbors shortly after the Sichel murder.

Police are currently investigating whether the man has a mental illness.

Marcus Evans’ ex-partner, Melanie Derrick, wrote on Facebook about the father of her two children: “Out of nowhere a person I loved very much passed from us.”


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