Tallest woman in the world: Behind her record lies a rare disease

She is officially the new world record holder!

The Turkish Rumeysa Gelgi (24) is the tallest living woman in the world at 215.16 centimeters. The Guinness Book of Records awarded her the title on Wednesday.

A rare disease is partly responsible for their huge size: the so-called Weaver syndrome. The disease is usually congenital and leads to massive growth. Some people also have extremely wide-set eyes, a wide forehead, unusually large ears, or deformed feet.

World record holder Gelgi is dependent on walking aids because of her size: Most of the time she sits in a wheelchair, but can also walk with a rollator.

Even when Gelgi is in a wheelchair, she is even bigger than her parentsPhoto: Guinness World Records / dpa

It is not the first world record for the Turkish woman: she was already listed in the Guinness Book in 2014 – at the time as the largest living teenager in the world.

Since then, she has been using international attention to advocate for other people with rare diseases.

The young power woman tries to encourage all those affected: “You can turn any disadvantage into an advantage for yourself, so you should accept yourself for who you are. Be aware of your potential and do your best. “

By the way: The tallest living man in the world is also a Turk. Sultan Kosen (38) In 2011 it was an incredible 251 centimeters, according to the Guinness Book.

The tallest woman who ever lived was 246.3 centimeters high: Zeng Jinlian from China died in 1982 at the age of 17.


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