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Duck meat is cold, rich in protein, and is prioritized by housewives to include in the menu such as braised duck with crocodile, grilled duck, duck bamboo shoot vermicelli, duck neck sausage, duck salad porridge.

1. Braised duck with crocodile

Braised duck with crocodile is a familiar and typical dish of many northern provinces. Each piece of duck meat is tender and rich, mixed with the fleshy taste of taro, creating a harmonious symphony of many colors. The broth is a bit thick, smells like lemongrass and spices, stimulates the taste, this dish is delicious with vermicelli or rice.

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Note: Should marinate the duck and stir-fry to draw the spices into the meat, making the braised crocodile more delicious and richer. If you don’t have taro, you can replace it with fresh taro or bamboo shoots. If you eat it like a hot pot in the Southern way, leave it in the pot, when you eat it, add vegetables such as spinach, water spinach, and straw mushrooms.

2. Roast Duck

In the days of separation, taking advantage of available spices, you can make delicious and simple grilled duck with char siu at home. The duck skin is crispy, the meat is soft, keeping the natural sweetness, not drying, and the aroma of the spices.

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Note: If roasting duck in an oil-free fryer, the first time should be wrapped in foil, turning the belly over to prevent the duck from drying out, the second time, do not wrap the foil. The longer the marinade time, the more seasoning the duck will absorb, making the roast duck more delicious and richer. You can sprinkle a little more roasted sesame (sesame) on the roast duck to enhance the delicious taste before enjoying.

3. Duck bamboo shoot vermicelli

The broth is clear and sweet, delicious duck meat dipped with a cup of rich ginger fish sauce, sweet and crispy fresh bamboo shoots served with soft noodles… everyone who eats is “addicted” from the first minute.

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The way to make duck bamboo shoots vermicelli seems to be simple with 2 main ingredients: duck and bamboo shoots, but to make a delicious finished product, without the smell of duck, it requires meticulousness of the housewife. One thing to note, because duck meat and bamboo shoots are cold (cold), so when processing dishes, they need to be combined with ginger (hotness) to balance and harmonize yin and yang, making the dish more delicious and healthy. strong. Therefore, accompanied by duck bamboo shoot noodles, there is always a bowl of fragrant ginger fish sauce, very attractive.

4. Duck neck

Besides pork sausage, cartilage sausage, goose sausage…, duck neck sausage is also a popular dish that many people love. Doi is processed to take advantage of the duck’s neck and add other simple ingredients to transform it into a delicious dish.

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Note: Depending on each person’s taste, adjust the filling according to preference. You can use duck blood, minced duck neck meat for the filling. Do not stuff too much and too tight because when steaming, it is easy to burst.

5. Porridge, duck salad:

A bowl of hot duck porridge, sweet and fatty duck meat combined with cool cabbage salad and fragrant ginger fish sauce quickly restores health to those who have just woken up.

How to do it in detail: See here

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To have a delicious, nutritious and odor-free bowl of duck porridge, you need to ‘lead’ some tips such as: Rub chopped salt, ginger, white wine to eliminate odors, put the duck in and boil when the water boils. toothpick, you should soak the duck in water until it cools down, then take it out to keep the water smooth and juicy.

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